Tribe Of Hackers

There are already hundreds of thousands of cybersecurity professionals and according to some sources, there is a shortage of several more hundreds of thousands. Tribe of Hackers wants to change that.

We asked for industry, career, and personal advice from 70 cybersecurity luminaries who are ready to break down barriers and shatter ceilings. It's about time.

This book can be a catalyst for change for anyone, from beginners trying to enter the industry, to practitioners looking to start their own firms.


Comic Books

The Beirut Bank Job

Real hackers and real stories: A project by Ravi Kiran, an internet hacker and artificial intelligence enthusiast from Singapore and Adrian Santelices Iglesias "El Santa" comic artist and illustrator.

This comic book series features real life information security professionals in real live situations. It is beautifully illustrated and I was lucky enough to be one of the chosen few to be featured in it, along with my partners in crime Jayson E. Street and Philippe Caturegli.