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Khalil Sehnaoui Krypton Security

Defense Through Discovery

About Krypton

KRYPTON is the results of an initiative that brought together a set of talented and competent individuals, who are not only passionate about this domain, but also able to deliver outstanding results.

KRYPTON is a high value-add service provider in the domain of Information Security.  It provides its clients with services and solutions that render their environments more secure and better protected from intrusions and/or attacks, from internal or external sources – both digitally as well as physically.

KRYPTON’s Vision is to become a major global actor in the domain of Information Security.

Our strategy is to deliver a set of comprehensive value-add services and solutions, based on in-depth research, practical methodologies, and tools that are continuously enhanced.

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At Krypton, we look at our client’s security issues from a holistic viewpoint.  We seek to find root causes and to eliminate them, rather than just treating symptoms.

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